How to Use Digital Video Interviews to Seed a Robust Talent Community

How to use digital video interviews to seed a robust talent communityFew will deny the power of video in communicating more about personality, attitude, motivation, and other increasingly critical indicators of future success on the job than sterile words on paper. According to Aberdeen, video-enabled talent acquisition tools are used by best-in-class companies to expand their talent pipeline, hire higher-quality candidates, and provide a better experience to both candidates and hiring managers. No argument there. Digital interviewing is faster, cheaper, and more efficient than traditional in-person interviews. So video is good for job candidates and good for employers looking to connect with them. The natural question that comes to mind for me is how can we leverage the power of video as we begin to populate talent communities as a “staging area” to pre-source jobs in advance of workforce requirements?

The goal of a talent community is to facilitate a connection with candidates in two key ways: one you want to provide candidates with information about your organization, what it’s like to work for you, and the job opportunities you have available. Two, you want to give candidates a means to prep for a future job with you. That’s what we mean by “performance-ready.”

First, candidates spend time learning about your organization, your goals and strategy, your value system. They may see examples of how your organization interacts with the community. Maybe they connect with some of your current employees who share a day in their working lives. All of this helps present a well-rounded picture of your company. Using video to share some of this insight into your organization is a more dynamic way to communicate that provides a richer experience for the candidate.

Ideally, you should also provide a way for candidates to showcase their skills. Video can facilitate that. You could use a digital interview platform to interview candidates in advance of—and without the typical pressures associated with—a live job interview.

Using a digital interview platform, you can ask a series of scientifically validated questions that ensures objectivity for every respondent. You could offer members of your talent community the opportunity to test their interview skills in a series of pre-hire interview simulations. Candidates could respond via webcam anytime, anywhere from any video-enabled device. Their responses could be stored for future use or viewed immediately, rated and instantly shared with any number of recruiters or hiring managers anywhere in your organization.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, video must equate to a couple of bestsellers. That’s why forward-thinking companies are now employing higher-touch, high-tech tools to help them pre-source for future jobs as they build robust talent communities of hire-ready talent.

Kathy Kalstrup, Senior Vice President - Talent Acquisition Outsourcing

Kathy is a leader in Aon Hewitt’s Emerging Solutions business, leading our Point Solutions and Talent Acquisitions teams as they deliver specialized HR outsourcing solutions. Our solutions improve employee’s lives and solve business problems in the areas of Health, Retirement and Talent & HR.
Kathy Kalstrup is a leader in HR business process outsourcing. In her 19 years with Aon Hewitt, she has led global operations and implementation teams responsible for helping large enterprise clients execute more effectively and achieve better results from their HR programs. Kalstrup leads several businesses across the spectrum of health, retirement and talent, including Aon Hewitt’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing business. Passionate about quality, Kalstrup is dedicated to ensuring the 650 clients served by her team have the knowledge, insight, technology and best practices to fully leverage their ability to attract, engage and retain the talent that differentiates world-class organizations.