Strategic Talent Acquisition Solutions

Aon Hewitt integrates innovative recruitment technologies and processes to quickly and more effectively deliver engaged, performance-ready employees to empower better business results.

An Experienced Partner
  • Assist our clients with more than 200,000 hires annually.
  • 12 million candidates assessed annually.
A Recognized Expert
  • A global leader in HR outsourcing and consulting.
  • An Industry leader in large-market, high-volume RPO.
  • HR BPO integration leader—Rated #1 in HR BPO customer satisfaction.
Higher-Value Results
  • Increased performance-ready talent.
  • Highly rated hiring manager and candidate experiences.

From workforce planning to new hire engagement, Aon Hewitt can help you improve the way you acquire performance-ready talent.

Why Aon Hewitt RPO
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Why Aon Hewitt RPO
Aon Hewitt RPO delivers engaged, performance-ready employees to empower better business results.
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Aon Hewitt RPO received two awards at the 2014 HireVue Digital Disruption conference. Awards honored clients who are making big impacts in human resources through their use of the Talent Interaction Platform.

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Aon Hewitt RPO is now owned by TrueBlue and is part of the PeopleScout market-leading recruiting services team.

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